Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Decorations

After the bed was made

Mom, I did not do this all by myself!

Halloween Large Tag

Love these Crafty Secret images

An original design from Donna Malone

Halloween is almost here, and it's a favorite of mine. I enjoy seeing the costumes, especially those that are handmade. I made 3 Halloween large tags this year, and had a lot of fun assembling them. These chipboard tags from Maya Road just kick start my creative urges. It's addictive.

Many years ago (the 90's), my husband Ken and I had a business called Crowe's Nest Crafts. He cut the wood, and I painted and stained. The witch decoration is wood, but was designed and made by Donna Malone, a very talented artist from Chrisman, IL. I haven't been in contact with Donna for years. She and her cousin, Keena Reynolds, were wood craft designers with published painting books. I treasure the pieces that they made and I was lucky enough to purchase. At the time we lived in Kingman, IN., and if there was a craft show within 50 miles, I was there. Their designs were fresh, whimsical and so different from what everyone else was doing. Every year my little witch and ghost come out to sit on a table.

As for the seems we have a new game. Mom makes the bed, and they play Wild Dogs on it every morning, so that it has to be redone. I really don't mind. It is a delight to watch them, and I'm thankful they interact so well.

Have a great day.
For those of you keeping score, it is now: SHEEP 6  LINDA 0

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