Friday, September 24, 2010


Ahhh, smell the ....what???

I am elegant. I am regal.

The price of having dogs. Accidents happen. Oh, yeah. What is a mom to do?

We went to the park for a nice walk this morning. It is windy. I mean, it is really, really windy. The car was being pushed on the highway. That kind of wind. SOOOOO...after the walk, we came home and the dogs were feisty as only they can be, running through the house and chewing on one another. It was morning playtime. They headed for the back door, which meant they wanted to continue the attack of one another in the backyard. I opened the storm door, the darlings pushed to get out now, mom!, the wind caught it, and ooopppppsssss! The piece of wood that the hinge is attached to totally cracked and broke. Dang.

This is why we have handymen for hire. I am most fortunate in that I found 2 brothers that will do this type of work. And their work is excellent.

I think the repair bill should come out of their allowances. If they had allowances. Which they don't.

Spoiled brats, both of them. But they are my spoiled brats, and I love 'em. Have a great weekend.

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