Saturday, September 25, 2010


Caught this small butterfly on the butterfly bush

I'm not sure, but the fly might be dead...
I love the close-ups I see of insect photos on other people's blogs. I never seem to be able to capture them, but this time I got lucky. The butterfly was quite small, and I stayed back from the bush and zoomed in with the long lens. On the hibiscus, the fly never moved. Do ya think?

We have a festival here this weekend, and the dogs are going with me. This should be interesting. It's at Washington Township park, and there are dog adoptions and contests for the pets. I sincerely doubt my two would win any contests, but it will be the perfect weather to walk around and meet and greet. Gracie will be her normal, carefree self. Sarge will be nervous.....and elegant. Did I ever mention that he lays in my closet and bites his nails? I've never had a dog like this one. He is unique.

You have an enjoyable time no matter what you are doing this weekend.

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