Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Faster Than a Speeding ...

View of the sheep pen at rest

Gracie on the run

Gracie at her safe zone

Note how she is intent on Leah

And people wonder how I got run over by sheep!

Putting the herd in the corner to finish
These are the last of the photos of Gracie at work. You will notice that she is a blur in all but the ones where she is in a down position. I swear, this dog was born to herd. She is in constant motion once we let go of the leash.

I don't know which of the sheep stepped on my left thigh, but oh, boy! I am still sore, and a lovely shade of blue. Very pale, not too vivid. But enough for class participants to ask me at the pool, what happened to you? Oh, I was run over by a herd of sheep. No, really, what happened to your leg? Really. Sheep. Run over.  It's just not something I ever thought I'd say. For example, I'll never jump out of an airplane. No skydiving for this grandma. But falling down in a herd of sheep? Bring it on.

On another note, we were just out in the backyard when Gracie became very interested in something moving along the foundation of the house. I have a ranch on a slab, no crawlspace. I thought it was a bug, because she loves to chase all insects. Her little butt was wiggling, paws going back and forth, and then she caught whatever held her interest and trotted into the center of the yard. It was too big for a bug, so I told her to drop it. A mouse. My dog caught a mouse. Sigh. Over the fence it went. The feet were still twitching, so I'm not sure if it was mortally damaged.

I've never had a dog like this one. Sarge walked over, sniffed, and sat down on the deck. He just can't be bothered with little creatures like that. It is beneath him. Just another day at my personal zoo.

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