Monday, September 27, 2010


This is Amy in a very small pen with Debit

Debit is just saying NO!

The sheep that ran me over are really laughing

Debit smiling, she's out of the pen

And I'm not going back....
I am learning something new each time I venture to the farm. Amy brought her border collies, Debit and Sassy, to "pack". I had no idea what that was until I watched them try this. The sheep are in a very small pen, and the dog is suppose to circle against the fence and pack the sheep together. Debit was not sure she wanted to do this. At one point, she actually sat down and looked longingly outside of the pen, away from the sheep. She was probably looking towards my car where Sarge was reading the Sunday paper. Doing his nails.

They also tried Sassy at this, and I think she was a bit better. But think about it, this has to be scary for the dogs. They are between sheep who could care less who they push around (living proof here), and a chain link fence.  Leah kept telling the dogs to "be the wolf." Naw, not today Leah.

I love the colors on Debit. She is a very pretty girl. Have a great day.

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