Sunday, August 15, 2010

Walking a 5K

My friend Vicky asked me last week if I'd like to walk a 5k run/walk on Saturday. This was to benefit a 33 year old Indianapolis woman who is dying from breast cancer. Her name is Jill Goode O'Neill. With a third friend, Karen, we preregistered on the net and met at Avon Townhall Park on Saturday morning. The race started at 8am. Although it was warm and muggy, the sky was overcast and we really weren't all that uncomfortable during the walk.

It had been years since I'd done a 5k and I really didn't know what to expect. But we talked about life as we walked, the time flew by, and we finished in 51 minutes. Not bad for an old broad. Karen and Vicky are younger than me, but we all felt great at the end.

What was really gratifying was seeing the support for Jill Goode O'Neill. 220 people registered, 202 finished the race. We were thanked repeatedly for coming out in support. There was very much a sense of community at the park. And I think that every woman there knew that it could very well be them in a fight with this disease.

I am so glad I moved to this area 18 months ago. It is home now, and it feels like it.

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