Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mother Nature

This certainly has been a year of weather extremes. Today it is 84 degrees, which is normal for this part of Indiana. I love to get out and take photographs in the spring, summer, and fall. But due to the heat and humidity, I haven't been out as much this year as I have in previous years. But here are a few images I thought you might like. The first is a trail at Brown County State Park, south of Indianapolis. This is a beautiful park and I do recommend it if you are ever visiting central Indiana.  There was a small lake along this trail, and the wind had died completely. The reflections of the trees and clouds are perfect in the water, not a ripple to disturb them.

The third photograph is a flower, and yeah, I know I should know what flower this is. It's white and real purty....hydrangea, maybe? Anyway, I liked how the light was playing on the bloom, giving it a lot of depth. This was taken on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. All photos are from late June of this year.

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