Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More photos from IMA

 This is a shot of the back side of the Eli Lilly house, on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. (IMA)
 Part of the terrace in the rear of the home.
 View of the front of the Lilly house.
 One of the many statues featured in the historical gardens on the grounds. Of course, I had to take a shot of this due to the dog.
Close up of the dog.

When Pat and I visited Savannah, GA a few years back, I remember seeing similar statues at the cemetery.

I'm getting in the mood to go out and take pictures again. Isn't it amazing how your attitude can change with an improvement in the weather? Even Gracie and Sarge are more energetic this week.

Have a good, productive day. Thanks for stopping by!

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