Friday, August 13, 2010

It's just too hot

I just read that we have had 21 days of temperatures in the 90's this summer. The record, for the Indianapolis area, is 58 days of 90's temps in 1983. Does that make me feel better? No, actually, it doesn't. But, just in case it might make someone else more comfortable, I'm passing that tidbit along.

This photo of Sarge, the Sheltie, and Gracie, the Australian Shepherd, was taken in June in my backyard. This is typical play for the dogs. They have never connected to cause serious pain. Gracie will, on occasion, pull her brother's tail. He, to retaliate, will chew on her neck and ears. Gracie doesn't have a tail, and no, I didn't "bob" it. She was born without one. But with the hot weather, they haven't been playing as much. Understandable. We also have not been walking as much as normal. Normal is usually every day, but when it is uncomfortable by 8am, we stay home.

Whatever you do this weekend, be careful and stay cool.

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