Saturday, August 7, 2010

Having Issues

I wanted everyone to remember what winter is like! Gracie and Sarge at the local dog park in February, 2010.
I changed the banner photo last night, it didn't shrink to fit properly, so you have Gracie's nose and Sarge out of focus in the background. That will be fixed.

Another blistering hot week is forecast for the Midwest. Getting kind of sick of this weather. But should you want to venture outdoors, I can recommend two places that my friend Pat and I hit last week: the Indianapolis Museum of Art is at the corner of 38th street and Michigan Road in Indianapolis. No charge for parking, or for walking the grounds that include formal and historical gardens. Beautiful. Bring your cameras, for there is a great deal to photograph.

The second place(s) is one of my favorites: Nashville, Indiana. It is a small town with loads of shops and resident artists. Pat found some great jewelry, and we had a very good meal at Hob Nob Hill restaurant. While in the area, go to the Brown County State Park. Lots of trails for hiking, or just take a slow drive around the park. I plan on returning this autumn, with my camera and the dogs. 

Have a wonderful weekend. Turn on the air conditioning again....yet.....never ending, isn't it?

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