Monday, August 9, 2010

The things a mom does...

Saturday night I let the dogs out into the backyard. Gracie immediately makes a mad dash towards the black vinyl chain link fence, jumps up and grabs something. It's after 8pm, and the light is starting to dim a bit. So I'm not real sure what she has. I called her over and told her to "drop it", which she politely did. Out of her mouth comes a cicada. You know. One of those LARGE insects, with wings, and a crunchy body, and she had it in her mouth, people! Before I can do something with the cicada, Gracie has once again decided this is something to play with because it's making noise, and it moves, and boy, are we having fun. She again puts this thing in her mouth, and looks up at me. A wing is sticking out one side.

At this point, I'm all OH YUCK!, but being a good dog mom, I tell her to drop it. No, we're having fun here mom, except the bug is trying to buzz in her mouth and she's looking a little concerned. So I pry open my dog's mouth, and grab the insect by it's wing, and it went straight to insect heaven. Over the fence. Dead.

Sarge stood, watching this entire episode, and trotted away. He is far too elegant to get involved with insects. He is above that.

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