Sunday, February 10, 2019

Oh, Look! Rain. Huh.

I find collage soothing and inspiring at the same time. This tag almost did me in. Story below

Went into the spare bedroom to see what they were barking at. Look at that beautiful light


Gracie: crap, faked me out again. Jake: I love you, Mom.
When I grow tired of working with acrylic paint, or watercolors, I return to collage. The old scrapbooker in me will never die or fade away. She is there, whispering to cut up pieces of paper. I have 2 12x12 Iris cases full of bits and snips of paper, some older than my dogs. I also have 2 Iris cases full of, what I call, handmade papers. These contain the underlayment papers from the desk, cut up, gel prints in parts, tags that didn't make the cut, and papers gifted to me by friends. (Hi, Klara!)

A recent addition to all of this madness is sewing, and since I changed the studio up last month and the machine is just to my left, I am sewing far more. Here is the thing: I am challenged every single time I have to reload a bobbin. Thank God for YouTube. Because I have returned to the free videos on how to load and use the bobbin at least 5 times in the past year. All of this is background for what happened with this tag.

I started with beige thread, but the bobbin ran out, so I decided to switch back to black for The 100 Day Project. I like black thread on the tags. Installed the bobbin, threaded the machine, and after 3 stitches, no bobbin thread. Huh. Reloaded the bobbin. Same thing. Tried again. Same thing. Came out to the Mac, went to YouTube, watched the video, and knew I had loaded the bobbin correctly. Tried sewing on a spare piece of fabric instead of paper. Same thing. Time to reboot. Took the thread out of the machine completely, rethreaded the spool. Took the bobbin out, reloaded it. Bingo. I had threaded the machine wrong. Don't know how, but Hello? This is not brain surgery.

The above tag took me over an hour. There were mutterings and a period of walking away, letting the dogs out, letting them in and sitting down to pet them, thinking.

So this tag has a ton of sewing machine needle holes without thread. Adds texture. That is my story and I'm sticking to it!

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