Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Watercolors and Collage

9x12.5 paper base

Found out the hard way that sewing baker's twine is not easy

This is also 9x12.5

I have 3 Fire bushes out front, and this year they are all brilliant

Grabbed a plain white mat from Hobby Lobby. What a difference!
This is a challenge, which I am always up for, and a fantastic learning experience. I found that the most expensive watercolor paper is NOT my favorite. Started another piece yesterday on Arches 140lb paper, which is pretty much universally rated as the best. I am having to fight it constantly. The paint wants to run where I don't want it to go, and I have been unable to lift the wandering puddles with a clean brush. My conclusion is to put this paper away and go back to Strathmore. The one directly above is on the yellow cover Strathmore paper, the 300 series. My personal favorite is in the brown cover, the 400 series.

Any artist will tell you that water colors are the most difficult medium to master. Yeah, boy. I doubt I will ever master them, but each project is teaching me something new. I purchased another Danielle Donaldson class yesterday. This is one of her older classes, expanding on the collage/storybooks and painting houses. Looking forward to trying that. Stay tuned.

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