Friday, August 10, 2018

What to do, what to do

Children's book from the Dollar Tree, has thick pages
Cathy and I have seen some altered children's books of late. The one that interests me takes a book like this, and you apply black gesso to the cover to replicate a black chalkboard. Then paint on images of childhood. Because these books are made with the thicker cardboard to withstand little hands looking at them multiple times, you are able to apply all types of mediums without fear of the pages falling apart. This will be a fun little project.

Today's rant (surprise!) is about being a volunteer.  I do not mind volunteering for a cause I believe in. I am currently involved in raising funds for the local dog park. It has been a lot of work, many meetings, and some expense out of my own pocket. That is okay. What is not okay, or acceptable, or normal is the way in which I have been treated by the people in charge.

Perhaps it's me or my generation, but what happened to courtesy? Where have the words, "please, thank you, and you are welcome" gone? And respect for others situations, for the elderly, for the disabled. When did this demanding tone creep into people's speech patterns, and everyone deems it normal?

The core group of volunteers for this event, which is Saturday, will get it done. We will see it through, for the dogs. When we started this back in March, the proposal was if this went well it would become an annual event to raise funds for all the extras the Paw Park needs. Great idea. If someone else will be in charge, because oh, baby. I do not do well with dictators. I think the time has come for me to quietly work behind the scenes. Stealth. You know. Kind of like Russia.

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