Sunday, July 22, 2018


New paints, so had to experiment

Special order for Cathy

First layers of a Mindy Lacefield project

Where I left it last night to dry
I am back in the art groove. Something new sparked my interest, and I am off and running. Have a slew of ideas for things to do today.

New paint: Mindy gives us a supply list for every class. The lists can be extensive, and in all fairness to her, she will tell you to use whatever you have on hand. Sometimes we will do that. And sometimes there is a color of paint that haunts you. She had used Neon Red or Fire Red in Americana. We searched everywhere. No longer made. The alternative was Fluorescent Red in Liquitex Soft Body paint, available from Blick. $9.85 a 2 ounce bottle. Yikes. Kind of pricey, but ya know what? We will split the bottle! Cut the cost! Cathy and Linda's excellent adventure, right?

Blick order arrived Friday, I split the gesso we wanted to try and the paint, delivered everything Cathy ordered, and last night decided to play. The Liquitex fluorescent paint is in the center of the tag. The green is Waverly Chalk paint in Celery, from Walmart. It's made by Plaid. Go buy some Chalk Paint. This is super matte, and dries fast, and I love it. $1.67 a bottle. Been wanting to try good chalk paint for ages, but Paper Artsy is now almost $6 a bottle, and at some point you have to say no. Waverly is the best I have found so far.

Back to the tag: the darker pink is Golden fluorescent pink, which I have had for ages. I stamped in black Archival ink with one of my favorite circle stamps, and used a Dyan Reavley stamp for the saying. Yeah, sassy britches is back! I sent a text to Cathy showing her the new colors, and she wanted some tags to use for her Mindy girls. Everything was out on the desk, so the 3 tags were done in no time.

This canvas in progress is an 8x8 canvas panel. I applied some of the Waverly chalk paint in Pumpkin, Chili, and Celery. Then spread some gesso over that and started the shape of the face using charcoal for the eyes, nose and mouth. This technique is to draw, scrape the Catalyst wedge across the charcoal and paint, repeat, repeat, repeat. It is mesmerizing and fun, and totally addictive. I am no where near completion, but loving the layers that are peeking through the paint. I switched to using the chalk paint in White instead of gesso, and like it more. Learning a lot about what paints do what, what is best. Oddly enough, I am only using Golden Fluid Acrylics for very small areas.

More rain coming, so today is a paint day!

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