Monday, July 30, 2018

5 Minute Challenge

This went from blank pages to the above in 5 minutes

Was going for a composition, but not sure I like this

A Mindy inspired girl with charcoal, in 5 minutes

You KNEW there would be a tag, didn't you?
So this is fun. I set the timer on my phone for 5 minutes with an open journal or empty tag in front of me, and just started. The brayer is your friend. Trust me. Fastest way to move paint and because you are spreading it out, will dry quickly.

I did the large Dylusions spread first, and found it intimidating with the time limit. Switched to the 6x9 journal, and had no problem with sketching the girl on that size, but did have a problem with composition of an abstract. It's obviously my mind and how it works. So will make myself do this again. Today will try some collage.

This is a watercolor journal 9.5x6.5 originally purchased at Hobby Lobby a few years ago

Daniel Smith watercolors on that paper. Holy Hannah, I want more paper

So I am asking for your help (Tracie). Cathy and I purchased the above journals on a 50% off sale at Hobby Lobby at least 3 years ago. And then they went into our hoarding/holding area where neither of us did anything. I tried some pastels on a page last year, hated it, and put the book away. Now that we are both getting into watercolors, I pulled this out and did the above last night.

This is rough finish paper with uneven deckled edges. We think, because there are no watermarks or brand names anywhere, that it is Shizen paper from India. Basically it is recycled cotton rag paper. There is also 100% cotton rag paper, but the Shizen is much cheaper. My guess is that it is around 90 pounds, because it will curl just a bit when you hit it with a lot of water.  Hobby Lobby no longer carries these journals. I am not after this particular journal again, although I would buy it in a heartbeat, but I am interested in any journals made with this type of paper that do not cost $170.00 or more. I was shopping on Etsy last night. Why do I want this? That is one coat, just one, of Daniel Smith watercolors. Look at the intensity. Look at how you can easily feather out a color, like the orange, in the background. Plus the intense white of the paper can be left where you need it, as in the eyes.

Should you see anything like this (Tracie), please shoot me a message. I know that Ohio has far more art supplies (Tracie and Klara) than Indiana. Just lucky ducks, you. And Thank You!

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