Monday, June 25, 2018

Day 84

Go Vermont!

Mom? Can we go for a ride?

MOM!!! I'm talking to your. Mom!
I made this tag on Saturday, after hearing the news that the State of Vermont will require all presidential candidates to reveal at least 5 years of tax returns. If this requirement is not met, they can't be on the ballot. It is effective now.

Oh, Vermont. You are brilliant people and I love you a bunch.

So I did have second thoughts about using this tag. And then last night I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, reading the nasty comments once again from Republicans currently involved with the Federal government. Here is a thought: do not dance on my south side of Chicago button. It has a tendency to explode. I try to tap down a lot of aggression towards current politics. My mantra is from Michelle Obama: when they go low we go high. I consider this tag a work of art, reflective of the current mood in this country.

Gracie and Jake had a short but wonderful visit with Amos, Otis, and Auntie Cathy last night at 9pm. We had to make an emergency art supply run. That is a real thing, supply runs. If I hadn't been so tired, I would have been driving to Dick Blick in Dublin, OH. But that would require spending the night and hanging around for lunch at El Vaquero for made-at-the-table guacamole.  Why is there no Dick Blick in the Indianapolis area? Anyhooo, Gracie and Jake ran around Cathy's yard peeing and pooping, sniffing, flirting with Otis. Amos wasn't having it. Gave Cathy what she didn't know she needed to art journal last night, and we came home. She sent me a text that Amos and Otis then had to spend 20 minutes running around the yard remarking every single blade of grass. Strange dogs had been there!

We think, seriously, that we need a large duplex unit, ranch style. It should have a 4 car attached garage in between the 2 units. The end garage bays would each have a car in it. Then we could put up walls, and the 2 center bays would be the craft/art studio of our dreams. Now that I think about it, that wouldn't be enough space to hold all the shit we own.

Yep. Crazy Craft Ladies.

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