Thursday, May 31, 2018

Day 59

Today's tag was made at the same time as yesterday's tag. I am tending to do the tags in groups. Sometimes that works out, at other times it does not. Yesterday I finished only one. We can just put that down to creative flow.

Have not posted a Throwback Thursday in months, so here are the dogs on December 12, 2012. I love the fact that jpeg format saves the date on every photo we take, be it on the phone or in a digital camera. Makes life easier, does it not? Anyway, this is a normal position for the dogs when the weather is chilly or cold. When it is hot, like now, Gracie claims the corner of the hallway outside my bedroom. Jake will lay next to her, facing her, so the first thing she sees if she opens her eyes is either his butt or paws.

Gracie is very tolerant. What a good girl she is.....

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