Friday, May 4, 2018

Day 32

I love the colors on this tag

Whimsical lettering

This is from an old Donna Downey class, and I don't remember which one

Let us out. Then we can come back in. Then we can go back out.
The lesson for today's tag is just let it go. If it's grief or pain or sorrow, holding onto those feelings will not heal you. More and more I am able to release whatever is bothering me at that moment in my art journal or one of these tags. Cheaper than therapy, better than drugs.

A neighbor sent me a text last night about the canvas above. She did one on a wooden plaque a few years ago from this technique, and wanted to make another one for Mother's Day. She couldn't remember the steps. This is a fun project. You put wall joint compound on a canvas, not thick, then a piece of muslin cut slightly larger than the canvas, and a little more compound on top of the material. Using your hands, smoosh it all around to arrange the fabric in small folds. Then let it dry for days. Takes a long time, especially in humidity. Once dry, a light coat of clear gesso or matte medium to seal it, and the canvas is ready for a glaze of raw umber or any color you want to add in the folds. I need to do this again, on a sunny day so I can put it outside to dry.

The dogs are in spring mode, which means "we must go out and bark at thin air to drive you nuts". Good times.

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