Saturday, May 12, 2018

Catching Up

I just realized that Day 39 tag is gone from Dropbox. Having issues again. Trust me, it was not one of my best so we are going to skip it. My tag, my blog, my rules....

Day 40 background was done, including some of the stamping at the bottom. I added the kids stamp, an old Graphic 45, and the wonky alphabet stamp at the top. Colored in with Crayola markers.  Right now, stamping or holding anything for longer than 10 seconds is not a good thing. I did some work last night, and suffered for it. Ended up putting the wrist brace back on.

Next up, Gracie on the bed last night gnawing on the female bunny I had sewn back together. She has already destroyed the boy bunny. He is down to just a partial head, his torso, legs and arms just a memory. Poor bunny.

The large journal is the new Dina Wakely that has 4 different types of paper: burlap, canvas, cotton rag watercolor, and I think Bristol. I decided I needed this because you all know I don't have enough journals in my life. I stitched torn material scraps on the edge, ran out of thread in the bobbin and turned to Aleen's glue. Used Scor tape to add the big tags. The composition on these pages sucks, but I am experimenting with painting and stenciling on the burlap (put deli paper underneath), and just fooling around to see what it will hold. Probably will end up adding more to both these pages. I do have an idea on using gesso and paint, now that I know how much will bleed thru to the other side.

Next up: cleaning the house left handed. This should be interesting!

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