Monday, April 2, 2018

Stuffed Bunnies

Oh, Mom! Call Aunt Cathy and tell her thank you for me!

I love him, Mom. His name is now Ralph!

An hour later, the girl bunny has a problem

Gracie's nose is inside the torn back seam, pulling the stuffing out

Are you seeing this? This is the reason we don't have any nice toys. Like Dega. Or Amos.

Exhausted, Gracie rests on top of the bunny and stuffing. Aunt Cathy told her her butt looks big in this photo.

I put all the stuffing back into the girl bunny, and did a quick stitching job. She is still intact.

Gel plate image transfer.
Had a late lunch with Cathy yesterday, and she handed me an Easter bag with two presents for the brats. When I arrived home, Jake took both, as is his way, and ran thru the house tossing the bunnies here and there, wagging his tail, smiling at new toys.

Then his sister, Ms. Bossy Aussie, took the girl bunny and gutted her. In 5 minutes. I yelled. Gracie ignored me. So I did something I have never tried before: let the dogs out, gathered up every single bit of stuffing, and remade the bunny. Used double heavy duty thread to sew her back up. I am taking bets on how long this lasts. Now that Gracie has decimated the girl bunny once, she just may leave it alone. Or not.

Birgit Koopson did a video on the Gelli Arts website on how to do an image transfer. It has inspired a lot of people to try. There have been various posts on Instagram, so I decided to attempt it. All of the posts say it is hit or miss and not an exact science,

I put a thin layer of Golden's Payne's Gray on the plate, getting it as even as I could. Tore a full page photo out of a Vanity Fair magazine that had a lot of darkness to it, in the clothing and in the model. Pressed that into the paint, and rubbed hard. Used my hands and a brayer. Did this for at least 45 seconds, and carefully pulled up the page. The image was on the plate, ton of paint was on the magazine page. I then let the plate dry for about 30 minutes while I worked on my 12x12 plate, then added a thin layer of Golden's Titanium White fluid acrylic. Using heavy card stock, I immediately pulled a print. I will use this as a basis in an art journal, or some other mixed media project. Really kind of cool. I think the mottled paint look in her jacket is from the plate, which is quite old and has lots of bits on it.

Tomorrow I will post the first day of #the100dayproject2018. Be here!

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