Thursday, April 5, 2018

Day 3

Day 3 tag

We sent this pic to Aunt Cathy in a text. She liked it.

I never know how blogger is going to work. Today we are centering text. We don't want to, but hey, it is not up to me, is it? It is entirely up to the computer gremlins who have moved into my house. Another problem: since the heavy rains, I am unable to keep my Netflix connection to my Samsung Smart television. I have to reboot the program every time I want to watch. So a phone call is in the near future to Netflix, and you KNOW how much fun that will be.

Onward. I pulled out an old tag that I had painted and stenciled months ago, and added some stuff to it for today's tag. What do I do when I have accumulated 100 tags? Several ideas are bouncing around in my brain, but the one I keep coming back to is leaving them in public places as random pieces of art. With a little note attached to pass it forward. Or not. The note could say something along the lines of "I hope this brightens your day." I kind of like that.

I posted 4 photos of Gracie on Instagram yesterday, so today we feature Jake. Looking out the window in the bedroom while mom was trying to fix Netflix. I am doing a one paw massage off camera. It's the way we roll in this house.

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