Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Day 2

Do you see the graph paper?

Close up of Day 1 tag that I forgot to post
No idea how I will feel about this as we go down the stretch towards the 100 day finish line, but at this moment I am inspired, and full of creativity, and just downright happy. This is a challenge that I evidently needed, and never realized.

Today's tag was covered with a piece of the graph paper I printed on the gel plate last weekend. I wanted a contrasting color and the sewing machine was out, sitting on the table. Hmmmm. Why not use thread? So I grabbed a few fabric scraps, and the sewing began.  To my eye that in itself was a pleasing design, so I didn't want to complicate it more. And the smaller tag was painted and stamped to add a focal point. I left all of the dangling threads on purpose because I like it!

The close up of the first day's tag displays the writing in Hungarian a bit better. Klara told me on Instagram that one of those words is "Joy". Karma, folks. This tag brought me joy. Thank You Klara for letting me know that.

I have changed my hashtag on Instagram to: #100daysoftagslindac. When I completed my post yesterday, then went back to see if you could find my work with the original tag, a message from Instagram popped up. They had removed some posts (not mine) with that tag due to inappropriate content. I do not want to be associated with anything inappropriate, so created a unique tag with my name. This was after I saw a lot of other artists doing the same thing.

Also, I may start to combine posts doing a few days at a time. Shall see how things go as the weather warms up and life becomes busier. Thanks for stopping by.

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