Monday, April 30, 2018

Day 28 and Dogs

Simplicity is the theme today

abstracted chair for the Ardith Goodwin class

2nd chair

Oh, Gracie!

The stalk to the right was the one she pulled backwards to chew
It was a beautiful but chilly spring day. We went to the dog park for over an hour to wear them down, then came home to do more yard work. This was the last bunch of tall, decorative grass to be cut down, and you can either do this with limb snips, which is what I used, or an electric hedger. My method is to snip, pull a bunch out and lay it down so they are in a neat pile to tie, and move onward. I had been at it for maybe 3 or 4 minutes, and my darling Aussie was sneaking slowly backwards, pulling a stalk to the corner. My phone was in my pocket, and I snapped the above. Hard to see in the bright sunlight, but this is the kind of thing you want to remember your dog doing.  A scrapbook moment!

The Ardith class is half over, and I am really enjoying it. She suggested we cut down our large water color paper into fourths, and work on each drawing individually. These are NOT, repeat NOT done. The assignment was to pick a limited palette and mix tints and shades with white or black. I chose Golden Fluid Acrylics in Teal, Cadmium Medium Yellow Hue, and Quindacrodone Magenta. That strong gold tone you see is the magenta and yellow mixed. In fact, there are no straight out of the bottle paints on the above, except the rounded top of the one chair. The dark color is not black, but a mix of magenta and black. Try it. Take a strong dark color and add a pinpoint of black. It will be so deep and rich, you may never use black by itself again. Going to try and work on these again today. But I am also out of all the tags I made, so there is that. It's a long way to 100, but this has been a very motivating project for me personally. I am now in the habit of working in the studio every single day, and love it. Mission accomplished.

70 degrees today. I will believe it when I feel that sun on my face.

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