Thursday, February 8, 2018


From March, 2011

I still have this collage. Somewhere.

From March, 2011

Gracie on her chair in the living room

Evidently I thought her paws needed their own photo

Because I made some cards this past week, I decided to go back and look at old photos of what I was doing while I worked at Allyscraps. I don't like them at all, but hey, evolution is the mother of creativity, right? I no longer have the cards above. Pretty sure they were in the group that sold at Frazee Garden's gift shop. I sold a bunch, so it really didn't matter if I didn't like them. Someone did!

As I type this, my dog is in the same spot in the same chair in the living room. Some things never change.

We are evaluating what we may need in case the heavy snow hits on Sunday. Food, check. Dog food, check. Art supplies, ooppps, must go shopping today...

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