Tuesday, December 19, 2017

One Paper Art Journal

First side of collage and paint

Other side, gesso and paint with a lot of stenciling.
Taking a 3 week online class with Renata Loree. A lot of what she is doing is kind of a repeat for me. But it is fun to return to the tearing up bits of paper method of collaging, which is where I started in Mixed Media several years ago.

Renata had us tear out "texture" photos, designs from magazines. We then were to adhere them to an opened brown paper bag, the large type with handles. She used a bag from Trader Joe's. I didn't have one on hand, but I did have a roll of brown craft paper. So I cut off a hunk (precise measuring is not my thing), then squared it up with a large carpenter's square. Yes, it has to be square due to the folding mechanics to make the journal. As you are looking at the photos, my piece is 21 inches from top to bottom, 30 inches from left to right. will be a good size journal.

Interesting concept to do all of the backgrounds prior to the creation of the actual journal. I am having fun. More to come.

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