Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas Card

Card fully opened

Back of card

Back of card

I thought I'd pass this idea along, in case you need a last minute card for someone special.

I used a 12x12 inch sheet of heavy scrap book paper with a Christmas theme. I cut the paper in half horizontally to preserve the printed images on the bottom half. Using artist tape, I joined the two pieces together, then scored the pages at 6 inches for easy folding. You end up with an accordian type folding mini book.

Adding stamping, typed a personalized greeting, and glued it all down. So this is a 4 panel card, with something on the front and back. All together, including the printing, I had this done in less than a hour. I know that the women at the Playground will love it, especially because there is a photo of Gracie and Jake on the back. I am going to tie some red and white twine around the card to hold it together.

Every year the dogs give them a box of goodies, snacks for work. Or they can bring it all to their Christmas party.  We like to show our appreciation for jobs very well done. And tons of kisses and hugs. Can we say my dogs are spoiled rotten? Why yes, yes we can!

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