Thursday, December 21, 2017

Art Journal

The big sheet of collaged/painted paper folded into a book

Front cover

My junk journal

Junk journal

Gracie was exhausted last night. Busy birthday

Jake. Just Jake
I have two posts up for yesterday, December 20th. Realized I could post that video from YouTube to blogger (love that feature) that shows an artist in the U.K. folding a big sheet of paper into a journal. Very easy, anyone can do it. THAT is the second or latest post.

I have not started on my journal pages yet. Not sure about this process that she is showing us to use with magazine photos. She paints on top of the photo. There is a voice in my head that is yelling "cheater, cheater", so don't think I will go down that road. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but after taking a lot of classes with Ashli Oliver and Christy Sobolewski on how to draw and paint faces, it just is not ringing true for me.

Junk Journal: this is my latest made with all gel plate prints. I painted the background around a partial print, then decided to use that as the girl's top, and do a face. She is all pencil, with just a bit of white pen and blue pencil in her eyes and hair. Liking the simplicity of this drawing. The other page was a gel print with a hand made mask on deli paper. I then cut the leaves out and adhered them with gel medium. For whatever reason, I am drawn back to collages of late. Going with the flow.

Gracie and Jake say HEY!

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