Sunday, August 13, 2017

Mom! Do something

Jake on the floor along the couch, getting a belly rub when in walks Gracie

who promptly sat down as close as possible

Mom, she's touching me. Make her move!

Mom!!! She just moved her butt closer to me. Stop it!

Fine, I'll do it myself and push on her with a paw

It's not working, Mother, and I am uncomfortable!
Life with dogs. I laughed my ass off yesterday morning when this happened. I had the television on in the living room, taking a break from cleaning. Jake was on the floor, then rolled over for a belly rub. No problem until Gracie, who had been in the kitchen, decided it was just too much togetherness with Jake and I.

She has never, ever done this before, and I have a feeling I will see more of this as they both get older.  Good times.

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