Saturday, August 12, 2017

And another one

First layers of color, all in Neocolor II's

Finished with gouache

Never created grey eyes before, but I like them!

Gracie destroying a toy because we had company. It's what she does
Part of me wants to be able to create more realistic portraits. Another part of me says, yeah, screw that, do whatever makes you happy. I am to the point that each girl is showing me something different, something I didn't have in my arsenal of skills. So I am just going to keep on keeping on.

For whatever reason, and who knows what goes on inside a dog's brain, Gracie must chew up a stuffed toy every single time someone walks in the door. Doesn't matter who. It's as if SHE has to be the one to kill the toy, rather than the visitor. This behavior is relatively new, within the past 2 years. Perhaps it's an age thing. Grace is going to be 9 in December. But I spend time finding and picking up little pieces of fluff around the house. Good times.

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