Monday, August 7, 2017

And more

In retrospect, the big flower in the middle of her head? That would be a no.

All alone am I, .....
It was a gloomy day yesterday, but we spent over 2 hours at the dog park in the mist. When the light rain really started to get our fur wet, we went under the pavilion. I tried to get Gracie to look at me. Yeah, no, mom.

This girl was inspired by a tilted head drawing from Christy Sobolewski. One of the aspects of drawing I am learning is that I must start to step away before painting. Draw whatever it is I want to draw, put it on the easel, and step back 4 or 5 feet. Had I done that on Saturday night, that honking big flower would NOT be sitting in the middle of her head. How dumb was that? But it is all a learning experience.

Like the girl yesterday, this drawing was done with a mechanical pencil, started with a ton of Neocolor II crayons, then finished with gouache. The gouache paint set I bought came with 18 different colors. None are perfect, none are really flesh tone. After researching on the internet, I found this is normal. With gouache you learn to mix whatever color you need. I am so getting into this. Going to try some flowers today.

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