Monday, July 24, 2017

Working out some issues in the art journal

New, to me, stencils from Stencilgirl

Photos are cut out from an old Vanity Fair

The entire purpose of this spread was to say Oh, Hell NO!

A rant on the state of our federal government
I still want to draw girls. I want to improve, but I have found that the process is draining for me if it doesn't turn out the way I think it should. So, a little break inbetween the girls and whatever else catches my eye.

I have paid for the entire month of lessons from Christy Sobolewski called Impetuous Passions 2017. It used to be called Obsessions, but she changed the name of the year long class last week. This month is water color girls. Next month, I think, she will concentrate on using Neocolor II's. I will definitely sign up for that, because I want to learn more on how to use my Neocolor II's. Their color is so vibrant, love them.

Christy did an art journal flip through for one of our lessons, and it reminded me that cutting out magazine photos can be inspiring. For the first spread with the stiletto heel roller skate, my first thought was NO! What woman would even consider that? Then I came across the above photo, with this blond blue eyed woman looking into the distance. Again, I trust my first thought that she was indeed clueless, and that resulted in a longer rant than I thought I had in me at that moment. Every once and awhile you have to let the rants out.

Enjoy your day.

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