Thursday, July 20, 2017


Wrigley Field, Chicago 07-31-2911 Sir Paul McCartney

Dega in his pool. 06-22-2013

Space Needle, Seattle, 08-25-2013

One of the many lakes in the Seattle area

On the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island, 08-27-2013

Space Needle at night, the Chihuly gardens of glass
I have been in and out of the mood to work on anything related to art. Yesterday I was in the mood, but due to an extreme eye exam, could not focus my eyesight for over 8 hours. How frustrating was that? On a scale of 1 to 10, it was right up there at an 18. Not a good day.

Hoping I can get back in the groove starting today, but work and dogs and know the routine.

One side note: if you have not seen any Chihuly glass works before and have an opportunity, please take it. The man does amazing work. I know there is a piece at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis, but not sure where else besides Seattle. The permanent Chihuly works are on display at the base of the Space Needle. There is indoor and outdoor displays, and yes, you have to pay. If I remember correctly, it was less than $20 for senior rate. But I have never seen art like this before and doubt I ever will again. The marvel is how the glass did not break in the process of creating these shapes. The vast majority appears to be suspended in thin air. So worth the effort to see it. If I ever go back to Seattle, I will definitely go again.

Stay cool. We have killer heat the next few days.

EDIT: I forgot to add this in. I signed up for a Christy Sobolewski  class this month on faces with watercolors. Having a great time watching videos, but still have yet to start. Because of this class, I also joined a Facebook group called "Gulfsprite Live", Gulfsprite being Christy's trademark for her brand of art. Within that group, women post their own work, and a fellow classmate posted about HER Facebook group. Take a deep breath, this is a winded EDIT, isn't it? The name of this second Facebook group is, (are you ready?) All My Art Journal Girls Look Like Pissed Off Hookers. I have requested to join. Of course I have. It's ME!!!! Have yet to be accepted. Dang!

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