Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sometimes this helps

Not sure what I have done to myself, but my back is completely out. Whatever it is, the problem is progressing. Calling a doctor today. Yesterday was a very bad pain day. So I ended up taking something for pain and a nap around 4. Woke up and decided I needed to get my mind off my body. Sat down in the studio and did this in a journal. She is far from perfect, but I like her. I don't like what I do, remember?

This is a pencil sketch with water color. I also used heavy body white acrylic paint, some pink heavy body, and a few Neopastel II crayons. The more I use the Neopastel II's, the more I like them. The color is vivid, and they will easily blend with a wet brush.

Going to try another girl today. We shall see.

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