Wednesday, April 12, 2017


The full spread

Just the head. The huge, too big head
A combination of water color, gelatos, gesso and oil pastels were used to finish this over the pencil drawing I did the other night. Am I happy with it? Hell, no. Her chin is too narrow, her forehead is too wide, I should NOT have used blue for her hair, and the face still looks flat. I am not contouring enough with shading to give a rounded look to the face.

In the past this would have been enough to stop me in my tracks, sometimes for months, and not try again. Now? I will have another one started by this weekend. New philosophy: it's over, it's done, and now we take another step forward. What did I learn from this face? What have I taken away from this wonderful class with soaphousemama? Am I reaching for supplies that normally I would not touch? Yep. All of it. Yeah.

You sit still, you stagnate. You keep trying, keep reaching, you learn and grow and educate. Right now I have a special order sitting on the desk, primed in gesso. I have 3 other projects started for the May 20th sale. Today my goal is promising myself I will work in the studio a minimum of 90 minutes a day.

Yes, I can.


  1. Linda, I think this face looks GREAT!!! You're so talented.

  2. I just saw that you left a comment. Thank You!!! I so need to watch this class again and try one more time. Not enough hours in the day.