Sunday, February 5, 2017

Random Thoughts

Gracie girl, resting on my bed after a hard day of Puppy Playground

My first attempt at using the Scan and Cut

Life is so interesting of late, don't you think?

I read, on a daily basis, around 10 artists blogs. One of those is Balzer Designs, because I truly admire Julie's work. She is also the spokesperson for Brother's Scan N Cut, a machine that is a wonderful tool. If you know how to use it. Fortunately, should you have one, there are over 100 free YouTube videos showing you step by step instructions. I won the CM350 from Julie's blog. Won it. I never win anything. It arrived this past Thursday, and I spent all of Friday afternoon reading the long instruction booklet, and trying stuff. It is a definite learning process. So the machine doesn't get confused, I used a thick black Sharpie to make some lines on a light green piece of cardstock. The above photo reveals what the machine cut, after I scanned the image in, and what it left. No idea why it left some of the green, and I am still trying to figure that out. But how cool is this? I can now make my own stencils, because the blade will cut stencil material. And you all KNOW I just don't have enough stencils in my life. Right? Right.

The Bowling Green Massacre. This is, of course, my poke at KellyAnne Conway because she is beyond belief. Get a grip, KellyAnne. But this brings me to a point that I feel has to be made: we are all responsible for our own actions, our own words. And once those words are spoken, they can't be retracted. The damage, hurt, pain is done. Even if it wasn't intended, it is complete. I have decided that it is good for me to vacate Facebook for awhile. Don't know how long, but the hatred, the venom that is spewed out on a daily basis, stop. Just stop it. Obviously I will never change a Republican's mind about Donald Trump. And just as obviously those that believe in his abilities will never, ever convince me that this man should be running our country. But I have seen a trend here. I have tried my level best to remain neutral, to not react, and if I do say something on Facebook, to keep the tone of the post not inflammatory. Yet yesterday I received a rant from a very good friend. Way off to the right, up, down, and turnaround. It ended with the suggestion I read other news sources, those that weren't biased in my liberal direction. Point taken. Then I had a conversation with a person who has known me since I was 9, assuring me that this is the new norm. We are basically screwed, and the fight must go on. I needed to hear that. That spurred me to call another friend, who has known me since we were 12. She told me to move.


Get out of that red state that you live in, and come back to the blue. Surround yourself with people who think like you do. You NEED to get away from there.

Gosh. Two friends in one day telling me that I don't have the brains to figure out what news to read, where I should be living, or who I should be associating with. Am I drooling? Did I get lost coming home from the dog park? Do I tell anyone else in this world, including my three step kids, how to live their lives? Hell, no. I won't go.

Life is just so very interesting of late, don't you think?

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