Saturday, January 28, 2017

Random Thoughts

Finished assemblage

Very old metal embellishments

I love doing these. The boring part is applying the paint and molding paste, then waiting for it to dry. Once you get that done, it's time for fun. And, the best part, I am using up all types of very old scrap book embellishments. In fact, I am rediscovering a lot of stuff that I forgot I had. Good times.

So I just spent a half hour going through my Facebook wall and deleting posts. I also made a comment, respectfully, on a friend's wall this morning, then deleted it. The entire concept of Facebook is to share your life with people you know. I know a lot of distant "friends". Classmates from high school, associates from work, people that I have meant through my art classes. Relatives. Lots of relatives. Dog people. Some are vocal about their beliefs, some are not.

In my 69 years I have seen great turmoil. I lived through the Vietnam War, saw people I went all the way through school with die in that war. I personally witnessed men who returned so damaged, so deeply scarred, they were never the same again. I vividly remember the Civil Rights Movement, the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, Black Panthers, the assassination of JFK , Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr. The attempted assassination of George Wallace and Ronald Reagan.

The murder of John Lennon.

The point of this stroll down memory lane is that I am not now nor have I ever been sheltered from events. I have buried loved ones, been physically attacked, robbed, violated and I survived. But this. THIS daily fear, THIS unheard of dishonesty, blatant disregard for all people in this country, THIS has me in chaos. Internal and unrelenting chaos. All I can do is keep doing. Exercise, art, hugging dogs, whatever it takes to get through one more day.

How many more are there like me in this country today?

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