Saturday, December 3, 2016

My Gracie Girl

Just so tired

Mom? Put that phone down!

The hell with it.

This is at Meijer's in Avon IN
I finally succeeded in wearing the dogs out yesterday. They had spent the middle of the day at Puppy Playground, then we went for a short ride. Once home, I fed them and started to bake cookies for the Sunday cookie exchange. In dog language, that means they were running around the house barking at absolutely nothing to get my attention. Exhausting. To give them something to do that didn't involve me, I opened the front door, locked the storm door, and let them lay there to survey the neighborhood. That did it. My own Homeland Security regiment.

Amos, Cathy's oldest dog, has been a pistol this holiday season. Every night he tries to steal her remote so she has to chase him into the kitchen. Once there, he will exchange the remote for a piece of hot dog. Fair trade agreement. The other night she put the remote in her robe pocket, and the little shit stole her craft scissors. Cathy was not happy. I had to run into the grocery store yesterday, and saw the above stocking in the pet section. THAT is so Amos. Oh, yes it is!

Have a good one.

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