Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Two minds are better than one

The photo I sent to Cathy on Sunday morning

After adding a very subtle stamp

Stamping added

Leaves and grass fronds drying with paint still on them

This is the extent of my outside decorations.
The dogs and I went for a long walk yesterday morning. This rarely happens now, due to my chronic back and leg pain, but we made it down our favorite trail at the Avon Town Hall Park. I so enjoyed it, and I know Gracie and Jake were tired by the time we got back to the car. Along the way I collected leaves off the ground, having watched the Alisha Burke post from yesterday.

Using leaves to print onto Gelli plate prints gives you some really interesting effects, and I do plan on doing that again. Mine didn't look as good as hers, but I worked with them for about an hour. The grass fronds were also adding some wonderful texture. Unfortunately, the other Zebra grass fronds I used left little bits on the Gelli plate. Had to clean it off before I could continue, but a good lesson in what not to use. I now have a good pile of leaves drying that I am going to paint. Just because. I already have enough paint for 10 artists, why not try it on leaves?

The collages had been sitting in the studio for days. I would pick them up, trying to decide what needed to be added, then put them back down. Sunday morning I took the first photo and messaged it to Cathy. She came back with a photo of a stack of stamps that she thought would look good. After the dog park Sunday afternoon, we went to visit and borrow the stamps. I first stamped, with black ink, on deli paper. Once dry (and you MUST let the ink dry overnight or it will smear), you adhere the deli paper to your surface with a good quality gel medium. I always use Liquitex Heavy Gel Matte. The beauty of using this method is that you can see how it will look prior to applying the gel. Once wet, the deli paper becomes transparent or adds a very subtle haze. I happen to love this look. I am doing my best to stock pile completed projects for the selling season. 

Enjoy this weather. We all know the end of it is near. Sigh.

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