Thursday, September 1, 2016


Why yes, that is an insect in the flower

No, I don't know what these are

Growing wild in the twilight zone, outside of the fence at the dog park

Thistle flower. This one I do know

Cathy is shopping for a new couch, asked for a photo of mine. Nothing in my house comes dog free. Nothing.
I have had this blog since early 2010. This all came about because I was working for Cathy at one of the scrap book stores, I think Avon. She had the same person managing the Allyscrap blog for many years. That person was quitting and Cathy suggested I start my own blog, on blogger, to see if I liked it. If I did, I could take over the store blog.

From whatever month in 2010 that was, to this year I have had the exact same password. Never changed. Starting this spring, I would have to sign into the blog almost everytime I accessed it. And, here is the fun part, the password I had used for 6 years was no longer valid. Kind of like Itunes, if you catch my drift. Because I have run into this in the past (Apple/ITunes), I write down all of my passwords for the website, in alphabetical order, and now date them when they were changed. This statement just nudged my ancient memory about another company that likes to randomly tell you NO! That is not your password. YES! we know you have used it forever. And that company is Brighthouse/Road Runner. I digress.

This morning I wanted to post the flower pictures from the dog park. "Your password has changed within the past 28 days". Yes, I know that oh mighty blogger security, I am the one who changed it. So I tried the previous password, which was changed on July 28th. See? I keep track. Nope, not taking that either, bitch. Find a new password. By my count, I am on the sixth password this year since April. Six. That is frigging insane.

I write them all down because a) I have become very, very creative at passwords. My kids would never figure this out if I was hit by a bus, or a man driving a truck who lives in Brownsburg, IN, which is far more likely than a bus. And b) the experts suggest you never use the same password across the board. I don't. To figure mine out you have to be a fan of certain SiFi, Nathan Fillion, The Beatles, and know everywhere I have lived since 1956. Diversification, people.

Why did I start this post today? OH, yeah. See? Memory is fading. I am going to track how long it takes blogger to tell me THIS password is invalid. Good times.

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