Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Random Thoughts

The last canvas in a group of three

All three

A work in progress - Junk Journal

Dega, helping his mom take brown paper packing out of  a box

Jake, cooling down in front of a fan
I have been grabbing small chunks of time each day to work in the studio, and it is paying off. Things are actually being completed. Imagine that?

Now that I have the three 10x10 canvases done, I am thinking they will stay in my house for awhile before going to a show/store to be sold. Really like the simplicity of these, the muted colors. I have plenty of other canvases to rip off the walls and send off to new homes. Hopefully.

Random: I really, really need to change the old beach towel on the art table. Dang, it is nasty.

It was extremely uncomfortable yesterday afternoon outdoors. The dogs had been out for less than 15 minutes, and when they came in all they wanted to do was find a cool spot and lie down. I turned a fan on for Jake, and there he plopped. With his legs spread apart. Yep, that's my boy.

The new Junk Journal is a cut up Amazon box. Just used a razor knife to slice down the flaps on the fold line. All eight pieces were in good shape, although I did remove the packing tape and stickers. If you want to try this, I used a brayer to apply a light coat of gesso before using paint. The gesso is "underwear" for your substrate. (According to Dina Wakely and Donna Downey). I coated both sides, because I intended to paint both sides. I then brayer on various paints. Mostly used Martha Stewart craft paint in matte finish. I like the colors, but won't be buying anymore. Carolyn Dube pointed out to the class in Ohio that, per ounce, Martha's paint is more expensive than fine art quality paint you can purchase on sale. And Martha rarely puts anything on sale.

When I have added more paint with stencils, and whatever else I feel like doing, I will tape the pieces together with colored Duct Tape, to form a book. Duct tape is only $2.99 a roll at Walmart. You get a ton, and it has so many uses. Excellent for art journals or binding something like this. More pics to come when completed.

Enjoy yourselves.

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