Thursday, July 7, 2016

10x10 Canvases

One of my originals from 18 months ago

First of all, sorry for the cluttered photos. I should have edited these ahead of time, except my Mac is acting a bit funny today. As long as it isn't more expenses for awhile, please.

Almost 2 years ago I took an online course from Donna Downey called "10 Canvases in 10 Days". It took me longer than 10 days, but I did do all 10 of the proposed canvases. They now hang in my computer room. A friend saw them, and asked if I would make a set for her. The above canvases are the ones I did this summer, and I was surprised at how much easier it was. My understanding of subtle color is developing, and it is obvious if you look at what I did originally versus now. It's all a learning process.

I have an idea for a much larger canvas with old book pages and numbers. Going to try that within the next few weeks.

Have a great day.

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