Monday, May 23, 2016

Fort Morgan, AL

From inside the structure, looking out towards the barracks area

As you approach the fort from the parking lot

Inside the tunnel you see above with the cannon

Inside the structure, looking into the various rooms

From the top of the fort
We visited Fort Morgan on my last day in Alabama. It was hot. Let's rephrase that. It was "bake me to a burnt crisp" hot, and this is the mild season. I truly can't imagine visiting anything outdoors in July or August.

This fort was started in 1819 at Mobile Point, and was finished and occupied in 1834. It is referred to as a Civil War fortress, and was used by the Confederate forces, but was actually built to help protect the port of Mobile, AL.  Skip forward, and it was used as a training facility for World War I. In 1923 it was deactivated, then in 1941 was reactivated and manned by the Coast Guard and Navy. At this point was still Federal land. In 1946, the fort was once again deactivated and turned over to the State of Alabama.

The construction is fascinating, with enormous arches supporting the weight. The design is perfect, as the big guns were set down and into the hills. Really ingenious.

A side note: I have done tours, both guided and self-guided, in New Orleans, Savannah, Charleston, and now Alabama. In Charleston, it was "The War Between the States". I believe it was the same in Savannah, but in Alabama it is called the war of Northern Aggression.

I am a Yankee from Chicago. It was The Civil War.
Have a great day.

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