Saturday, April 16, 2016

Inspiration Wednesday

April 13, 2016 IW

From February

From February

The first 2016 IW

A new thing to collect
Donna Downey is an amazing artist, and seems to be a very nice person. She is also one of us. Uh huh. By that, I mean she buys supplies to make art, and hoards them. It's the reason we all have rooms devoted to this insane hobby.

This past Wednesday the Inspiration Wednesday video involved a beautiful napkin with poppies. We were to use any napkin, but of course Donna's project turned out so freaking awesome, the nationwide search was on for THAT same napkin. I found it at Party City in Avon. By the way, they are called "guest towels". Really?

Basically, you separate the layers of napkin, pulling (gently) the top printed layer out. You then affix it to your journal page using a Matte Medium. I have Liquitex on hand, so I used that. You could try Mod Podge, but it probably would be tricky. The napkin absorbs the medium, and Mod Podge contains a higher level of water. There is also the sticky factor to consider.

For mine, I then added some Vintage Photo distress ink around the edges, made the ART tag, and called it done. But. But, yeah, I also found the cool black and white graphic napkin in the above photo. Going to fool around with that this weekend in another journal.

Go play. It's fun. It's relaxing. And you never know what you'll get.

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