Thursday, March 3, 2016


Dega and Gracie, having a moment

Mr Grumpy

In the larger view, you can see Jake to the left, his borrowed pacifier to the right
My dogs love to visit Melissa and Dega in the spring and summer months. Melissa's yard has a lot of afternoon shade, and of course, fresh smells. So the first 15 minutes are occupied by "doing the circuit", around the perimeter of the yard. We must mark. We must. It's in our contract. The stuffed bee you see in the third photo is one of Jake's pacifiers. We have found if you give Jake something to play with and carry around in his mouth, he will bark at Dega but not try to take a chunk out of him.

The other main attraction to this yard are the squirrels. Because the line of houses all have trees on the back border, the squirrels will climb from yard to yard. Gracie and Jake never see squirrels at home, because my neighbors don't plant trees. But Melissa's yard is a squirrel haven. There have been many nights when Gracie did not want to leave.

The above are all from April of last year. Have a good day.

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