Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Yep, this is me.

A few weeks ago, I was out shopping for anything unusual that caught my eye. It was not long after the breast surgery, and I was tired of looking at the house the way it was. Ever get like that? I wanted something different, something colorful.

The kitchen is painted a bright yellow called Late Sunset. Doesn't look yellow in the above photo, but trust me, it is. Probably was an overcast day when I took this pic. I had an apple wreath, primitive style, hanging in this spot. Then I found this little baby in the store. Came with the 6 colored clothes pins that have magnets on the back. At first I thought this would be a neat way to organize mail, misc. crude that needs attention. Then the logical part of my brain kicked the other side and said, Dudette! You won't pay a damn bit of attention to anything important you hang on this. Let's use it for fun!

I love making tags. I buy both sizes of these tags by the bundles so I can play. I paint them, use them on the Gelli print plate, stamp on them, whatever I want. Cheap, so no worries about ruining something that cost a lot. I also have a huge collection of stamps with inspirational sayings, nonsense, things to make me smile. So the plan is this is going to change constantly, as I make more tags. I like that idea a bunch, because it means that area of the kitchen will never be boring.

I also have some magnet sheets, that are fairly powerful magnets on one side, sticky adhesive on the other. Easy to cut. So the next step is to buy some cheap clothes pins at the dollar store, prime them, spray and paint them in vivid colors, so I can rotate those out as well.

It's all about doing what makes you happy. Go forth. And do something today.

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