Friday, September 4, 2015

Dog Days of September?


Looking towards the gate. Jake, Rylee and Libby
We have been going to the dog park later in the day. More shade is available after 5 on the one side. So my two, Frick and Frack, like to lie in the cool grass and watch for activity. Not that they'll do anything about it. They just watch.

I took the second photo because it is indicative of the relationship between Rylee, who is 7, and the pup Libby, who is around 5 months. Libby is fearless if she has her big sister at her side. Rylee tolerates the little girl because her mom and dad said she has to. But they do play, and Rylee displayed a definite protective side when Jake (the only male, and sometimes idiot) growled at Libby. Rylee didn't get up, but she did raise her lip and give Jake "the look". I laughed so hard I snorted. Jake is not the bravest dog. It's all bravado.

The temperature has been climbing into the low 90's every day for a week, and is going to continue for at least another 8 days. Going to restrict our outdoor activity. Just too freaking hot.

Have a great weekend.

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