Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Having a Bad Day?

Mom is grouchy this morning

I got yelled at.
Because we live in Indiana (motto Wander Indiana and go nowhere), it is dark in the mornings until after 7a.m. This part of the state (motto Why should we care what anyone else thinks?) is in the eastern time zone.

I woke up at 5:30a.m., and let the dogs out. Correction. Gracie had to go out, Jake was yawning, cleaning his paws. He said no, he wanted to eat first. I buy these 30 pound bags of dog food because it is slightly more economical, and keep the bag in the utility room. Entered said room with the dog dishes, and look! There is water on the floor, did I spill something? Hell, no. The hot water heater is leaking.


Threw some towels down to mop up, and tried to turn the shut off water valve. Yeah, no, that is not happening. Not in this universe. Why do they make shut off valves that won't shut off? Plan B: grab the cell phone to call my home warranty people, and start the process of someone coming to the house to fix this mess. Why look! Samsung chose last night to send a gazillion updates to my S6. As soon as I swiped the phone to turn it on, the message appeared to install. And the phone was frozen with update mode for the next hour.


Not that it would have mattered, because hey! The home warranty people won't pay off an "off hours" call to the plumbing people, who are aptly named Affordable Solutions. So you have a little water in the house. So what?

It is now 6:41a.m. I have called the home warranty lady. I have thrown the breaker for the electric to the hot water heater. And I have a pile of sopping wet towels sitting on the utility room floor. The dogs are not speaking to me because I yelled at them. Gracie decided to pick THIS morning to go out in the complete darkness (skies are overcast) to bark her head off. Not wanting the police to arrive and yell at me (has happened before, folks. Yes, indeed), I went out to get her with a leash. Stepped in dog poop. But that's okay, because basically that is how the day is going. Dog poop.

Too bad I don't drink.

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