Thursday, July 30, 2015


Isabella Clare and Aunt Amy April 2011

I am holding Gianna with Bella to the side

Bella and Gianna a month ago
You don't realize how fast they grow. Kind of unnerving, isn't it? Bella, my oldest great-granddaughter, will be 5 in September.  She starts kindergarten this year. That statement blows my mind. Her sister, Gianna, will be 4 in August. In Chicago, they are called "Irish twins" for being so close together. A throwback to my childhood.

They are beautiful little girls, smart as can be, and completely unruly. I wouldn't be able to raise children in today's world. We grew up in a house where my father ruled, his word was law. There was no arguing. Never any talking back to either parent. And all my dad had to do was raise one eyebrow and you literally peed your pants. I wasn't abused, but I was completely intimidated. Challenges to a parent were just not done. Those days are gone. The world today allows children freedom to express whatever they want, and parents not only allow the behavior, they encourage it.

So it is a blessing that I am the great-grandmother, and not the grandmother. One more step removed. This is a good thing.


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