Thursday, May 21, 2015


Love the darkness around the open window

Throwback Thursday is from July 9, 2012. Chicago Botanical Gardens, which aren't really in Chicago, but a northern suburb.

All of my vacations, including fast 2 or 3 get aways, are planned in advance based on the availability of my pet sitter. I know, pathetic. But I am fussy about who takes care of my dogs. I'm not sure how far in advance Pat and I planned this 4 day jaunt, but we certainly weren't expecting a massive heat wave in the Chicago Metro area.

We arrived at the gardens at opening, which I think is 9a.m. I remember we were out of there by noon. It was in the lower 90's by 10a.m., and neither of us felt like walking around. I also remember I had problems with the larger Canon camera due to the heat. Shutters can get angry in excess heat and humidity. The only other time this has happened to me was on Labor Day in Evansville, IN. one year. That was a film camera, lovely 35mm Nikon (I miss it a lot), where the film started to not move inside the camera. It was 105 degrees that day.

The solution to this problem is to spur-of-the-moment travel with my dogs. Perhaps driving a motor home. With Pat sitting in the passenger seat, screaming.

Good times.

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